Qatar Airways launches smart workaround for electronics ban


Electronics ban be damned, Qatar Airways is going to get its hard-working business travelers typing away on laptops no matter what.

Less than a week after U.S. officials banned electronics larger than a smartphone on certain U.S.-bound flights from certain Middle East and Africa airports, the Doha-based airliner figured out how to get out of the snarly mess that is the ban.

The airline is offering loaner laptops since in-flight entertainment systems just don’t cut it for people traveling for work. Writing up reports or endless work emails on a smartphone is headache — sometimes you just need the real thing. That performance report isn’t going to write itself during your 15-hour flight.  Read more…

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Livestream of a pregnant cat isn’t a marketing stunt, so relax and wait for kittens


The end of March is hell as we sift through each morsel of content to determine what is real and what is a marketing stunt. Looking at you, April the giraffe.

And dammit, we deserve kittens. This livestream with a cat who actually appears to be pregnant has stepped in to provide a cuddly distraction. Her name is Evolene, and she’s stunning. 

Here she is just sitting and breathing: 

She has some pretty cool toys, but she’s not trying to sell them to you.

According to Tiny Kittens, the shelter behind the livestream, Evolene was pregnant and in poor health when they rescued her from a feral cat colony. Now that she’s in prelabor, they hope the livestream will raise awareness of the importance of spaying and neutering.  Read more…

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