Donald Trump claims Apple CEO Tim Cook promised him 3 U.S. manufacturing plants


Make Apple American Again.

Donald Trump told the Wall Street Journal in an interview on Tuesday that Apple CEO Tim Cook committed to building three new manufacturing plants in the U.S.

“I spoke to [Mr. Cook], he’s promised me three big plants—big, big, big,” Trump said to the Journal. 

The future of Apple manufacturing has become a hot topic under Trump, who has vowed to return lost jobs to U.S. workers. 

Key among Trump’s plans is Apple, which does the bulk of its manufacturing outside of the U.S. 

Trump started pushing for Apple to bring that manufacturing back stateside just days after the presidential election.  Read more…

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Your Roomba could be selling maps of your home to Google, Amazon, and Apple


Remember Roomba, the cute robotic vacuum cleaner who’s been navigating around your house for years? 

Well, its creator, iRobot, has hinted it may be selling Roomba-derived maps of your home to one or more of the Big Three — Amazon, Apple and Google’s Alphabet — in the next couple of years. 

“There’s an entire ecosystem of things and services that the smart home can deliver once you have a rich map of the home that the user has allowed to be shared,” said Colin Angle, iRobot’s CEO. 

Mapping your home

If the idea of a device spying on your flooring plan — along with other data about your home — and then selling that info to companies to help them improve their targeted ads seems particularly creepy to you, that’s because, well, it is creepy.  Read more…

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Creepy spyware has infected Macs for years, and we’re only just realizing it now


Your Mac is not safe. Well, at least not as safe as you think it is. 

That’s the big takeaway following the detailed investigation of a particularly insidious strain of Apple-focused malware that has potentially been around for up to a decade — all the while broadcasting video and audio from victims’ computers back to an unknown attacker. 

The malware, dubbed Fruitfly, was first reported on in January by Malwarebytes. However, it was Synack Chief Security Researcher Patrick Wardle who blew the lid off Fruitfly’s true nature on July 21.  Read more…

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Apple commercial reminds us why Siri needs The Rock more than The Rock needs Siri


I gotta give it up to Apple for pairing Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson with Siri — yes, the iPhone’s digital assistant — for its latest TV commercial. 

The Rock x Siri: Dominate the Day” is funny and entertaining and just so ridiculous that it works. Bravo, Apple. Really, Bravo.

But as great as the make-believe movie is, I couldn’t help but feel disappointed at the end of the commercial when The Rock walks off his Hollywood set, face beaming, and says “Hey Siri, you’re the best. I love you, too.”

The problem is, I don’t love Siri. No one does. In fact, most people I know that have an iPhone aren’t charmed at all by its sweet, ever more human-like voice and basic AF capabilities. Read more…

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Apple wants to build its own OLED displays to reduce reliance on Samsung, says supply chain report


Apple is trying to cut down on its dependance on lone suppliers of critical iPhone components, especially in the case of its reliance on Samsung for OLED displays.

According to a new Digitimes report, Apple is rumored to be building a new facility to better control the production of OLED screens expected to be used in the iPhone 8 and beyond. 

Samsung, one of the Apple’s biggest rivals in the industry, has thus far been tapped as the exclusive supplier of the new screens. That exclusivity might not last beyond the next version of the iPhone, expected to be released later this year. 

Digitimes reports that Apple has already bought some chemical vapor deposition (CVD) machines, which are used to build OLED panels. The machines will reportedly be used to set up a new research and development facility in Taiwan, where the company can begin working on its own line of screens. Read more…

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The ‘Rock X Siri’ mini movie is out, and it’s exactly what you thought it’ll be


Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is awesome, and Siri helps him out being even more awesome. 

That’s the gist of Apple’s new Siri ad, which features The Rock who goes around the world (off-world, even) and is pretty much the best at everything. Yes, even cooking.

The 3:45 ad is generously referred to by Mr. Johnson as “movie,” but if you can suspend your disbelief long enough to watch Siri get ten commands in a row correctly, you’ll probably trust just about anything.

The Rock announced the new “movie” on Facebook on Sunday with a suspicious claim that “ROCK + Apple = 🌎 FUN,” but we gotta hand it to Apple, the clip is kinda fun. Well, if you like The Rock. (But who doesn’t like The Rock?) Read more…

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This week in apps: Disney Clips, Firefox updates, and more


Did you get too wrapped up in all the new Game of Thrones hype to pay attention to the new apps and updates of the week? If so, it’s not a big deal. We remembered to keep track of it all for you. 

Every week we round up the most important app updates along with some of the coolest new apps to help you stay in the know. Here’s what stood out to us this week (and if you’ve really been busy lately, take a quick look at last week’s roundup, too).

Disney Clips

Everyone loves Disney, and Apple gets it. Disney and Pixar animations are now available on the Clips app, making all of our dreams come true. The “stickers” can be added as overlays to users’ short videos. So if you haven’t downloaded the mobile video editing app yet, you might just want to give it a try with the cute new stickers from your favorite childhood movies. Sorry, Android users. This one’s only for the iPhone faithful, for now. Read more…

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This is how Apple’s ARKit is about to change how everyone uses the iPhone


Even if you’ve seen Apple’s ARKit in action, there’s a chance you’re still not convinced it’ll mean much for you. That’s all about to change thanks to a new demonstration of its power recently posted on Twitter. 

London-based developer Andrew Hart used ARKit with Apple’s CoreLocation to create a version of Maps that puts guidance arrows and pushpins over the real world. And it’s brilliant. 

As the video shows, Hart types in a location in the normal Maps search interface and is then taken to a live street view with massive virtual arrows and paths pointing the way toward his destination.  Read more…

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The Rock just revealed his latest action movie, co-starring Siri


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson says a lot of things on social media, including the occasional dad joke, but unless he’s pranking us this time, we’re about to see him star in a film with none other than Apple’s digital assistant, Siri. 

“I partnered with #Apple to make the biggest, coolest, craziest, dopest, most over the top, funnest (is that even a word?) movie ever,” wrote Johnson on his official Facebook page. “And I have the greatest co-star of all time – #SIRI.” 

It’s unclear what the nature of the film is, but since it’s unlikely that a full-length feature from one of Hollywood’s biggest stars would just get dropped on us with one day’s notice, it’s more likely a promotion of some sort to show off some of Siri’s features. And since Apple has also been touting the iPhone as a filmmaking tool, it’s likely the “film” will be shot on an iPhone.  Read more…

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