Google just announced a new safety feature to keep you safe and informed during a crisis


Another tech company is working to keep you safe during times of crisis.

Google announced a new set of safety features called “SOS alerts” in a blog post on Tuesday. With SOS alerts, which the company will add to Google Search and Google Maps, Google hopes to “make emergency information more accessible during a natural or human-caused crisis.”

A vice-president of engineering at Google, Yossi Matias, spoke to Time about the new development, and said SOS alerts were partially inspired by his experience with a major fire on Mount Carmel while working in Israel. At the time, he had no immediate information on what was going on.  Read more…

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Donald Trump claims Apple CEO Tim Cook promised him 3 U.S. manufacturing plants


Make Apple American Again.

Donald Trump told the Wall Street Journal in an interview on Tuesday that Apple CEO Tim Cook committed to building three new manufacturing plants in the U.S.

“I spoke to [Mr. Cook], he’s promised me three big plants—big, big, big,” Trump said to the Journal. 

The future of Apple manufacturing has become a hot topic under Trump, who has vowed to return lost jobs to U.S. workers. 

Key among Trump’s plans is Apple, which does the bulk of its manufacturing outside of the U.S. 

Trump started pushing for Apple to bring that manufacturing back stateside just days after the presidential election.  Read more…

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