Musician claps back at Ed Sheeran trolls, promises to play ‘Shape of You’ twice


If you want to be down with Stormzy, then you have to respect his friend, Ed Sheeran. 

Ed has received a lot of heat from the online community, especially since his recent appearance on Game of Thrones.

Ed’s fellow artist and friend, Stormzy, isn’t having any of it. Let this Twitter exchange serve as a warning: If you come for Ed in Stormzy’s presence, Stormzy will come for you.

The London-based rapper responded to a Twitter user who begged him to not play the remix of “Shape of You” during his upcoming show.

@Stormzy1 Please don’t play Ed Sheeran tonight

— Tasman King (@TasKing1) July 25, 2017 Read more…

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Game show host loses her cool when everyone but contestants know the answer


It’s right in front of you! Why can’t you see it?

Letterbox is a game show in which contestants alternate between choosing letters and guessing a password. Host Mel Giedroyc’s mind was blown when her two gameshow contestants were the only people in the room who didn’t know the answer, including the entire audience.

After a hilarious back and forth, Troy finally gets the answer correct — Quasimodo.

Giedroyc’s faith in humanity restored.  Read more…

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Adorable kitten travels the world in an epic Photoshop battle


A picture of an adorable little kitten casually leaning on a car tire is a mood lifter on its own. 

It’s even more joy inducing in a Photoshop battle.

Redditor Shashakeitup dropped this gem into the Photoshop battle subreddit and the talented Photoshop enthusiasts on Reddit took this little guy to new heights. 

Kitten gave off an air of nonchalance, but was actually quite anxious while waiting at a bar for a Tinder date:

Image: reddit/8bitBonfire

Kitten donned a sheriff’s hat and out ran zombies with Rick on The Walking Dead: Read more…

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Kate, William and Harry want to connect with you on LinkedIn


Most of us mere mortals have made peace with the fact we’ll never live in a palace. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a job at the palace. 

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry are hiring a senior communications officer  with a “particular focus on the activity of their Royal Foundation,” according to a LinkedIn job listing. 

The Royal Foundation — a charity run by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry — is the organisation through which the young royals conduct their philanthropic work, which is largely focused on the armed forces, young people and conservation.  Read more…

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Man wishes daughter happy birthday with a dad joke, wins the heart of the internet


You’re never too old for a good dad joke as this 21-year-old demonstrated in a tweet that went viral.

Raylin Pellatt tweeted a screenshot of a Facebook post that her dad shared in celebration of her 21st birthday. Joe Pellatt posted a picture of Raylin posing next to a sea lion with the caption: “Happy 21st Birthday to my beautiful daughter (left) Raylin!”

Raylin shared the adorable post on Twitter where it went viral.

Thanks for the clarification, Dadpic.twitter.com/Y2ulMh7sJV

— Ray (@rayy_baybay) July 21, 2017

Twitter absolutely loved Joe’s hilarious dad joke. Read more…

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William and Harry share touching childhood memories of their ‘naughty, total kid’ mum


The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry have revealed how fun their mum was in a clip from a new documentary to mark the 20th anniversary of her death.  

The princes shared happy memories of their mother’s fun antics during their childhood in Diana, Our Mother: Life and Legacy which airs Monday at 9pm on ITV. 

“Our mother was a total kid through and through,” said Prince Harry in the clip. 

Prince Harry revealed that his mother told him: “You can be as naughty as you want, just don’t get caught.” Words Prince Harry has definitely been living by. 

“She would come and watch us play football and smuggle sweets into our socks,” added Harry. He recalled walking back from football matches with five packets of Starburst in his socks and his entire shirt bulging with sweets.  Read more…

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Law-abiding geese cross the road in a neat line during a green light


Birds crossing the road can be a traffic nightmare, but this particular crossing wasn’t problematic at all. In fact, it was quite orderly. 

A woman sitting in her car whipped out her phone to record a flock of geese crossing the road in a very neat line. She can be heard saying that the birds even waited for a green light to cross the busy intersection.

Why can’t all birds be this polite? Read more…

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Samwell Tarly teaches Chelsea Handler about the history of incest on ‘Game of Thrones’


Chelsea Handler loves Game of Thrones, but has absolutely no clue what’s happening.

To be fair, the world of Game of Thrones can be very confusing with its different continents, kingdoms, houses, and rulers. Thankfully, Chelsea had John Bradley on her show to help her out. 

John plays aspiring maester and historian Samwell Tarly. So it was fitting that he gave Chelsea a special Game of Thrones induction.  Read more…

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Slug lands on woman’s face on night out and all hell breaks loose


Weird things happen on nights out. But, this moment from a night out in the UK really took things to new heights. 

A Twitter video posted by Hayleigh Cassidy begins in a rather unusual way. As the scene opens, we see a paper plate featuring a live slug. As the paper plate hovers mid-air, a fellow party-goer pretends to kiss the slimy creature. 

But, with one swift flick of the wrist, the slug is airborne and heading straight for the face of an innocent bystander.

Just got slugged pic.twitter.com/euR5GffyoS

— hayleigh cassidy (@hayleigh_99) July 23, 2017 Read more…

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