Be mesmerized by this perfect pet owner making homemade sushi for his adorable cats


Why buy store bought cat food when you can just make your own?

Youtube user Jun, previously known for his amazing work polishing a rusty knife to perfection, has taken his skills to a new level by preparing some delicious sushi. But this meal isn’t for him — it’s for his beloved cats.

His preparation is a combination of magic and chemistry, meticulousness and dedication. Watch him mince fish and chicken into a fine paste using his extra sharp knife, make his own broth using some kind of bubbling cauldron contraption, slice the veggies with hair-splitting precision, steam and mold the meat into perfect little buns, and assemble everything into restaurant-grade sushi. For his two cats.  Read more…

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Man almost drops his baby but saves the day with his impressive dad reflexes


You may not know it, but the moment you become a parent your body is immediately graced with an impressive ability to save your child from danger. 

For fathers, the very non-scientific term is lovingly referred to as “dad reflexes,” and it’s often showcased in videos of seemingly impossible scenarios in which a child is in imminent physical harm, and the dad swoops in at the last moment to save their offspring.

Check out this dad, who first caused the dangerous situation, but then used his dad reflexes to save the day.  Read more…

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Do not ever try to waterslide like this


Extreme dude and pro skier Benjamin Forthun is no stranger to putting himself in danger in order to pump his veins full of adrenaline, but his latest stunt is next level. 

Because a normal waterslide just wasn’t enough, Forthun decided to drop in on the metal slide from at least 10 feet above.

Careful, this will definitely make your palms sweat.   

0 – 100 real quick!🤘🏽 Thanks for filming @rainerkleive 🙂

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Thankfully, Forthun landed on the slide without incident, but the internet is genuinely concerned that he scorched his back on a hot metal slide.  Read more…

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Dude eats a hot pepper every time Ariana Grande says ‘um’ in a speech


Saying “um” while talking is pretty common, and most people don’t really notice it—until someone points it out, and then it’s nearly impossible to ignore. 

While it may pain someone to hear excessive use of the word, one Ariana Grande fan has decided to take one for the team, and eat a hot pepper every time Grande says “um” during her acceptance speech for Artist of the Year at the 2016 American Music Awards. 

Pepper experts on Reddit determined the pepper to be a Fresno chili pepper, with a scoville level between 2,500 and 10,000. While it’s no Carolina reaper, it’s not an easy task to scoff down a bunch at once.  Read more…

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Footage shows plane’s impressive emergency landing on a highway


There are lots of things you may have to deal when traveling down the highway, such as traffic, bad drivers, or weather. 

But sharing the road with an actual plane is definitely something no one expects to happen driving along a freeway.

Motorists traveling along the Sunrise Highway in Long Island, New York, were shocked to see a small plane make a safe emergency landing directly in front of their car on Wednesday. After successfully touching down, the plane managed to pull over to the side of the road without even disrupting traffic.

It seems everything went as smoothly as possible, showing that this pilot may be better at navigating traffic in a plane than some drivers on the roads. Read more…

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